Why it matters

With Governor Hickenlooper term-limited out of office, there will be an open race for Governor in 2018. Democrat Jared Polis, a longtime progressive member of Congress, will face Republican Walker Stapleton in November.

Since the Governor must sign off on redistricting, winning the Governor’s mansion is a crucial part of protecting our state from Republican Gerrymandering. A Democratic Governor is also essential in order to advance a progressive policy agenda. Even if we win full control of the state legislature, it won’t mean nearly as much with a Republican governor threatening to veto everything it passes.

Democratic Governor Candidate Jared Polis
Democratic Governor Candidate Jared Polis

How to help

Volunteer! Nothing helps candidates more than grassroots volunteers. Knocking doors, making calls, and helping staff on competitive campaigns is one of the biggest ways you can make a difference.

Donate! The only way to beat the Republican fundraising machine is with an army of small donors. Your donations help campaigns hire staff, organize volunteers, and get out the vote.

About the office

Term: 4 years
Term limits: 2 terms (8 years total)
Current Governor: John Hickenlooper (D)
Term-limited in 2018

the Governor is like the President of the state. The Lieutenant Governor (currently: Donna Lynne) is chosen by the Governor, just as a Presidential candidate chooses their running mate.

The Governor appoints people to a cabinet, which typically consists of the directors of major state agencies such as the Department of Public Health & the Environment, the Department of Natural Resources, and the department of Regulatory Affairs.

These cabinet positions are voted on and confirmed by the Colorado Senate. Just like the US President, the Governor also signs or vetoes bills that pass through the legislative branch, and makes appointments to the Colorado Supreme Court.