Why it matters

The Attorney General race is an absolute must-win if Colorado is going to step up as a national leader in the Resistance. With a Democratic Attorney General, we could join states like Hawaii and Washington in suing the Trump administration over unconstitutional policies such as the Muslin ban. That will never happen as long as Republicans control the Attorney General’s office — it’s that simple.

Democrat Phil Weiser, a veteran of the Obama Justice Department and former dean of the University of Colorado Law School, will face Republican George Brauchler in November.

Statewide races like this one only take place in midterm election years like 2018. There’s no nice way to say this: In the past, progressives have been absolutely terrible at turning out for these races, so Democrats often get clobbered when they run.

Incredibly, Democrats have only won the race for Colorado Attorney General twice since 1951. There is absolutely no reason for Democrats to be getting whooped this hard in a state that voted for Democratic presidential candidates three elections in a row and is turning bluer by the year.

Democratic Attorney General candidate Phil Weiser
Democratic Attorney General candidate Phil Weiser

How to help

Volunteer! Nothing helps candidates more than grassroots volunteers. Knocking doors, making calls, and helping staff on competitive campaigns is one of the biggest ways you can make a difference.

Donate! The only way to beat the Republican fundraising machine is with an army of small donors. Your donations help campaigns hire staff, organize volunteers, and get out the vote.

About the office

Term: 4 years
Term limits: 2 terms (8 years total)
Current Attorney General: Cynthia Coffman (R)
Term end in 2018

The Attorney General serves as the state’s legal counsel and advisor. The AG’s responsibilities include enforcing criminal laws of the state and defending the legal interests of the people of the State of Colorado.

The Attorney General can also lead lawsuits against the Federal Government on behalf of the state (for example: Hawaii’s Attorney General led a lawsuit to block President Trump’s Muslim ban).