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Flipping Colorado blue in 2018 and beyond

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A full progressive takeover of Colorado’s government is on the table as soon as 2018, but only if we’re well-organized and strategic.

Our goal is to channel this moment of unprecedented grassroots energy into securing landslide progressive victories in state-level elections. This effort is based on a simple premise: one of the most effective ways to resist Donald Trump’s agenda is by electing as many progressives as possible to state & local office.

At first glance, this might seem like a stretch. With a shamelessly corrupt, white supremacist-enabling, wannabe strongman currently entrenched in the White House, are we really supposed to believe that state legislature and school board races are a viable long-term solution to this crisis?

As it turns out, yes. Here’s why.



Redistricting is on the line

In 2010, a Republican sweep of state legislature races allowed the GOP to gerrymander congressional districts nationwide, unfairly rigging elections in favor of Republican candidates. We cannot let this happen again. Many of the state legislators who will control the crucial redistricting process will be elected in 2018. Winning majorities in the legislature in 2018 is the first step towards protecting Colorado from Republican gerrymandering.

Progressive states are leading the Resistance

Trump’s destructive policies may originate in Washington, but they’ll be implemented in our communities by state and local officials. The more power local Democrats have, the more power the Resistance has to fight back. With a fully blue state government, Colorado could step up as a national leader in the Resistance. For example, winning the Attorney General’s office would allow us to join states like Hawaii and Washington in challenging the Trump administration’s unconstitutional actions in court.

But sweeping Republicans out of power is not inevitable

Despite massive election losses by Democrats over the past decade, we’re already seeing overconfident predictions of an inevitable Democratic sweep in 2018. If our crushing defeat in 2016 taught us nothing else, it’s that this line of thinking is a trap. In order to win landslide victories in 2018, we need a plan.



Our plan is based on a simple goal:

WIN BIG IN 2018.

A full progressive takeover of Colorado is possible in 2018. Using the Colorado Resistance Manual as our guide, we’re organizing Coloradans to:

Hold Colorado politicians accountable.

Much like the tactics outlined in the original Indivisible Guide, but for state politics. The Colorado State Legislature votes on hundreds of critical issues every year. To fully resist the Trump agenda, we must be informed and engaged at every level of government.

Build a grassroots warchest of small-dollar contributions

for candidates in the most strategic races in 2018. With an army of thousands of small donors, we can take on the Republican big money machine and win.

Dispatch volunteer support to strategic races,

both from within swing districts and from deep blue parts of the state. A handful of key state legislature and statewide races (governor, state attorney general, etc.) will determine who controls our state government in 2018. By targeting these key races, we can maximize our impact.



  1. 1.

    Download the Manual.
    The Colorado Resistance Manual is your simple, step-by-step guide to helping progressives win landslide political victories in 2018. Click here to view or download the manual.

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    Find your people.
    Check out the national Indivisible directory or this local directory of Colorado Indivisible groups to find a local organizing group near you (or to register your own). There are already hundreds of active groups across the state, and countless opportunities to jump in and help.

  3. 3.

    Pick a target.
    In 2018, 20 target races will decide the balance of power in Colorado. We’ve created detailed profiles of each race that will be continuously updated through election day. We’ve also set up “district funds” to create pots of money, raised in advance, to support the eventual Democratic nominee in each target district.

    You can use the "Find My Legislator" tool to determine which districts you live in. If you're not a resident of target district, we suggest "adopting" a target district near you and/or focusing your energy on statewide races. Click here to pick a race and get started.

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    Stay connected.
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    Donate, donate, donate.
    The only thing that beats big money is organized people. Republicans may have millions of dollars, but if we work together and pool our resources, we can win. Scroll down to make a contribution to support progressive candidates in the key races we'll need to win in order to flip Colorado blue in 2018.


In 2018, 20 target races will decide the balance of power in Colorado. We’ve created detailed profiles of each race that will be continuously updated through election day.

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